Business Dissertation Ideas to Present a Good Research Paper

Business dissertation is undertaken by students to display their knowledge and understanding about business and commerce. Topics about business are very broad. One can present any dissertations on business considering the diversity of the field but it is highly recommended to choose topics that your readers will be interested to read about. Writing business dissertations is challenging mainly because of its wide-ranging disciplines and courses. The following are some ideas on what topics you can possibly present that will be valuable to your readers.
Write about marketing research
This is the most investigated subject for many business dissertations. This topic is dynamic and unpredictable due to innovations and trend setting products introduced in the market from time to time.

  • Identify opportunities in creating new products by observing the consumer needs, wants and behavior.
  • Conducting qualitative and quantitative market research.
  • Identity the systematic approach in conducting marketing research.
  • Conducting market feasibility studies.
  • The modern trend in marketing.

Write a dissertation on business operations
This is a basic business dissertation explaining about the fundamental operations of a business.

  • Conduct a research study regarding production process and the factors affecting it.
  • Identify the marketing and financial aspects of conducting a business.
  • Identify the policies employed in human resource management including hiring, protecting and settling conflicts between workers.

Dissertation about a specific business company or industry
This idea is an option for you in writing a dissertation paper. You can make a research regarding an industry or company and talk about their business policies or any area that is interesting to you and to the readers.

  • Identify a company or industry that you want to be the focus of your business dissertation.
  • Think of an area you want your paper to highlight regarding the industry such as business administration, management, business principles, marketing, human resource management, etc.
  • Gather empirical evidences and conduct interviews./li>
  • Get access to necessary data that you need to collate to come up a conclusion.

Business dissertations about e-commerce
This topic is very timely because of the increased use and popularity of the Internet.

  • Identify the different types of e-commerce;
  • Distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce;
  • Identify the issues relating to e-commerce like taxation, security, privacy and profitability.

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