What Is Plagiarism? In Search of Clear and Definitive Answers

Posted on March 13th, 2012

what-is-plagiarismThe word plagiarism is frequently used by educators and researchers. Moreover, students are continuously reminded that this form of academic dishonesty is almost always penalized. However, people who have only started their college studies often cannot answer a question such as “What is plagiarism?” The understanding of this concept is crucial in order to write a good paper.

What Is Plagiarism? Defining This Notion

There are many definitions and interpretations of plagiarism. As a rule, it is understood as representing the ideas of other people as one’s own. This definition is most often used in academia. Many students believe that plagiarizing means only using someone else’s words without providing an in-text citation. However, this is only one type of plagiarism, and there are many other forms, such as:

  1. Paraphrasing other people’s words without providing an in-text citation;
  2. Using a visual aid like a chart or a diagram without specifying its source;
  3. Including a fictional source in the reference list;
  4. Using excessive number of block quotations in the paper. Sometimes students use so many block quotations that their papers look like a compilation of quotes on a specific topic. From a legal point of view, it is not plagiarism, but such a paper is most likely to receive a failing grade.
  5. Submitting a paper written by someone else.

As you can see, there are different types of plagiarinone of them is in any acceptable. You can check you paper against this list to make sure that it does not contain plagiarism in any of its forms.

What Is Plagiarism and How to Avoid It?


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Marketing Analysis: Tips, Tools, Methods, and Guidelines

Posted on March 6th, 2012

marketing-analysisThe knowledge of marketing analysis is indispensable for business administrators and entrepreneurs. It is a collection of methods that examine the behavior of customers and competitors. This article is aimed at showing how this analysis can be carried out. It will also describe different tools that can support it.
Marketing Analysis: Questions That You Should Ask First
People may have to examine the market for various reasons. For example, any company that intends to develop a new product or to offer a new product to customers has to understand market trends and clients’ needs. In any case, there are several questions that people normally ask before starting a market analysis:

  1. What qualities distinguish the product that your company produces or intends to produce from other existing products?
  2. What kind of customers does the company intend to target? What are their demographic and psychological characteristics?
  3. Which characteristics of the product or service are of the greatest importance for the clients?
  4. Which segment of the market population will be most profitable for the company?
  5. Is the market in which the company operates open to new entrants?
  6. What are the main strengths and weaknesses of the company’s competitors?
  7. How can the company gain a competitive advantage over its rivals?

Marketing Analysis: Main Aspects to Focus On
The analysis of marketing trends has to be based on quantitative and qualitative data. There are several important indicators that you should take into account:

  • The number of companies which operate in your industry. It is also necessary to determine whether this industry becomes consolidated or dispersed.
  • The purchasing power of customers.
  • Demand for the product.
  • Customers’ main priorities and their lifestyles.
  • Potential profitability of the market.

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Critique Essay: Top Secrets of Effective Writing Revealed

Posted on February 28th, 2012

critique-essayThere is no need to worry about your critique essays if you clearly understand what you should and should not do in your critique paper. Let’s look at the main dos and don’ts of writing excellent critique essays.
Critique essay: avoid a frequent confusion
A critique essay is an OBJECTIVE and INFORMATIVE analysis of somebody’s work. Your teachers may ask you to evaluate a book, a film, a work of art, a scholarly article or your friend’s essay. Please note that critique does not mean ‘negative criticism’. Try to avoid this confusion and pay attention to both positive and negative aspects of the work to make your analysis as objective as possible.
Critique essay: become a fair judge of the author
How to write a critique essay and how to make it OBJECTIVE and INFORMATIVE you may wonder. The answer is simple – try to become a fair judge of the work of the author. Act just like in court and be responsible. Use evidence from the work to support every claim you make. At the same time, you should not concentrate on the problems discussed in a book or depicted in a movie. Instead, provide a brief summary and then use proofs from the text to answer questions about the author’s work, such as:

  • Did the author write an effective article (book, essay)?
  • Did he/she consider his audience?
  • Did he/she use an appropriate tone?
  • Was he/she objective?

For example, if your task is to critique an article about global warming by Peter Cox, do not focus on global warming. You may believe in it or not, but you should not write about global warming. What you should do is to evaluate the work done by Peter Cox as the author.
Critique essay: execute not pardon
To put the comma in the saying “execute not pardon” in the right place, you need to become a fair judge of the author in your critique essays. Consider the following evaluation criteria:

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Descriptive Essay Topics: Depicting the World around You

Posted on February 21st, 2012

descriptive-essay-topicsDescriptive essays normally don’t create any difficulties for students, but sometimes it is quite hard to find a good topic for such a paper. There are too many subjects that one can choose for this assignment and some of them often seem rather trivial. People who search for descriptive essay topics may want to consider the following suggestions.
Descriptive Essay Topics: Works of Art
The world of art can certainly offer students plenty of excellent examples for descriptive essays. Here are some topics that you can choose:

  • A painting. You can choose any artistic style that you like, but it’s better not to choose abstract or surrealist paintings because they may be rather difficult to describe.
  • Any kind of building (a skyscraper, a church, an ancient castle or tower, etc)
  • Posters and labels;
  • The cover of your favorite book;
  • A sculpture. You can choose such a subject if you know about the background of this artistic work; otherwise this task can prove to be very challenging;
  • A postcard;
  • An engraving;
  • A graffiti;
  • An article of furniture. For example, you can describe a cabinet designed by Thomas Chippendale.
  • A photograph.

So, you can choose one of the above subjects as a descriptive essay topic. Yet, you should choose something that is both familiar and interesting to you; otherwise it would be rather difficult to engage the reader.
Descriptive Essay Topics: People and Events
Students should remember that almost anything can be suitable for such an assignment, and you can certainly focus on people or memorable events in your paper, for example:

  1. Your favorite book or movie character;
  2. A person who strongly influenced you;
  3. A theatrical performance;
  4. A carnival;
  5. The lecture that you liked or disliked most;
  6. Your friend;
  7. Any scene that produced a powerful impression on you.

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Argument Topics: Top Ideas and Hints for a Persuasive Paper

Posted on February 14th, 2012

argument-topicsA persuasive essay can be written on any subject, including for instance politics, education, international relations or family. All you need to make your essay truly persuasive are original and relevant argument topics. If you need some examples to get you started, this article will surely help you.
Argument Topics: Family and Society
Family and society can be a great subject for an essay. Here are argumentative paper topics that you may find interesting:

  1. Should gay couples be allowed to adopt children? Does this practice put the adopted child at risk?
  2. The structure of the family. Should polygamy be legalized and why?
  3. Family relations. Is it possible to forgive adultery? When can a person do that?
  4. Parents as educators. Can homeschooling substitute formal education? What kind of skills should parents have in order to be good teachers for their children?
  5. Family and labor. Is it possible to maintain a balance between career and family?
  6. Should parents have the right to administer corporal punishment to their child? To what extent and in what circumstances?
  7. Birth control. Are there circumstances when the government can prohibit families from having children? Can such control be ethically justified?
  8. Family and law. Are marriage contracts and agreements be compatible with romantic love?

Argument Topics: Social Problems and Resolution
Social problems can be discussed by students majoring in different disciplines, such as management, education, law, public administration, and so forth. You can choose for your paper one of these argumentative essay topics:

  • Inequality and poverty. Is it ethical and effective to increasing taxes for rich people as a means of redistributing wealth?
  • Crime. Are there any circumstances that can justify theft from an ethical point of view? How should legislators act in such cases?
  • Cultural diversity in modern society. Is it ethical to fight racism by means of censorship?
  • Hate crimes. Should crimes committed against people of a different race have special legal status?
  • Affirmative action. Should college admission committees take into account an applicant’s race and ethnicity? Can such practice contribute to the increase of racial animosity?
  • Corporate irresponsibility. Is it reasonable for government to regulate the work of the financial industry? What might be the effects of such intervention?
  • Society and terrorism. Is it possible to justify the adoption of the PATRIOT act and governmental supervision of telecommunications?
  • Immigration. Should governments grant citizenship to illegal immigrants who have lived in the country for a long time, for example, five or more years? Explain pros and cons of this decision.
  • Income and education. Does the existing educational system offer equal opportunities to students? What kind of changes should be made, if any?

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Business Essay Topics – Choosing the Most Appropriate One

Posted on February 1st, 2012

When considering the task to write a business essay, the most common problem is choosing the topic. Many students, having faced this problem, lose interest to the entire essay. Still, topics for essays on business subjects should not be a problem at all.
First and foremost, the topic you choose has to be interesting to you. Then, it is important to know at least something concerning the issue. Moreover, it has to have its actual value and be relevant for readers. Competent people suggest writing business essays on controversial topics, which are more interesting.
An additional tip for choosing the topic is to look through trade magazines and national newspapers to find relevant ideas. At the same time, more detailed information for your essay on a business topic can be found in primary documents and scholarly journals. A list of possible will be provided in order to facilitate your choice.
30 Most Urgent Topics for Your Business Essay:

  1. International Business
  2. Business Start-Ups
  3. Entrepreneurship: a Talent or a Skill?
  4. Business and Social Issues
  5. Gender Aspect of Modern Business
  6. How Does Globalization Influence a Certain Business?
  7. Personnel Management
  8. How to Obtain a Success in Business
  9. Business in Times of Global Recession
  10. The Cost of a Start-Up
  11. Why Businesses Go Bankrupt
  12. The Portrait of a Real Businessman
  13. Fund and Asset Allocation Strategies
  14. How to manage people in the business sector?
  15. Advertising of Business: Vital Need or Extra Costs?
  16. How to survive in the world of financial uncertainties?
  17. Marketing strategies
  18. Business ethics
  19. Small Business
  20. Management and Business
  21. Business Plans
  22. Consumer Behavior
  23. Starting a Business in Cyberspace
  24. Business and Environment
  25. Social Responsibility of Business
  26. 2030 Business Forecast
  27. Consumer Protection
  28. The Comparison of Two Large Business Rivals
  29. Resource Planning
  30. Company Analysis

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Admission Essay Tips: Top 10 Admission Essay Gaffs to Avoid

Posted on January 18th, 2012

Admission essay writing mistakes are commonplace; however, there are a few recurrent yet easily avoidable admission essay writing mistakes to keep in mind when applying for college. The following list represents the top 10 admission essay writing mistakes that students need to avoid when writing their admission essay.

  1. Thinking that your life lacks significant events. When writing admission essays, consider every aspect of your life. Significant events can be small and personal, perhaps attending your grandfather’s funeral, or hosting an exchange student from another country. Admissions committees want to know who you are and what you will bring to campus, so be yourself.
  2. Bragging. Avoid the temptation to advertise your brilliance. Be authentic, deliberate, and honest about what you have achieved.
  3. Downplaying your achievements. Admission essay writing requires subtle self-promotion. If you are naturally shy, ask an outgoing friend or gregarious relative to weigh in on your achievements. This will help you to overcome your aversion to talking about yourself and see yourself from another angle.
  4. Offending the committee. If you have strong feelings about contentious issues such as stem cell research, avoid writing about them in the admission essay. College admissions committees are composed of different people with different values, none of whom want to be browbeaten.
  5. Too much personal information. Writing admission essays require a professional and tactful approach. Avoid including highly personal information about recreational drug use and sexual promiscuity in the college admission essay.
  6. Rambling. Keep in mind that the admissions committee reads literally thousands of admission essays each year. Stick to the point to make sure your application doesn’t hit the slush pile.
  7. Going over the word count. Keep your essay succinct and adhere to the requirements. Going over the word count portrays a certain lack of respect that the admissions committee will not appreciate.
  8. Rushing. College admission essays require months of lead-time. Avoid writing them the weekend before they are due. Rushed essays will be apparent to the admissions committee and will demonstrate a lack of commitment that hurts your application.
  9. Boring first paragraph. Make sure you open the essay with a bang. The first paragraphs needs to motivate the admissions committee to read the rest of your essay. Keep the pace fast and avoid passive verbs.

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Business Term Paper Tips: Five Effective Writing Practices

Posted on January 5th, 2012

In every academic field certain customs and traditions exist in regards to the most suitable writing styles to employ for term papers. Students writing term papers in visual arts will write differently from history majors, for example.
The same is true of any student pursuing a degree in business; the writing style must adhere to the subject matter and demonstrate an understanding of its audience. What follows is a list of five tips for business term papers that will help students create the best possible papers:

  1. The number one business term paper tip is to employ language that suits the audience for business writing. Business writers speak to an educated group; however, for the most part the audience of business written materials remains chronically short on time. Thus the effective business term paper reflects that reality; it is short, succinct and avoids overly descriptive, flowery, poetic, or excessively academic and complex language.
  2. When writing business term papers, students need to get to the point early, ideally in the first sentence. Many similarities exist between business writing and journalism; both express the facts as quickly as possible in the most objective manner. In business term papers, extraneous information will harm your mark.
  3. Another important business term paper tip is to stick to the point. Rambling essays that provide circular arguments and run off in tangents will be returned with a very disappointing mark.
  4. In business writing, it is imperative to avoid speculation, bias, overt expression of opinion, and prejudice. Business writing needs to provide facts so that people can make educated choices about money, such as investment options, real estate, interest rates, stocks and research and development. Thus the business term paper needs to be a clean representation of factual business information, rather than the author’s feelings about a certain business topic.

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OJ Simpson Essay Writing: Several Helpful Ideas to Develop

Posted on December 21st, 2011

Writing about famous people is not as easy as it may seem. First, many people, your potential readers, may know more about the subject you are going to introduce in a paper. Second, it is possible to find much information on famous people and be lost as for the information to use in a paper.
This is why it is not a surprise that you face a number of difficulties while writing OJ Simpson essay. This man is a popular American football player, an actor, a spokesman, and a criminal who has to serve his sentence in Nevada right now.
Do you want to create a powerful OJ Simpson essay? Do you need some captivating ideas to present in your OJ Simpson essay? Let us share several helpful hints for writing OJ Simpson essay with you.
OJ Simpson essay about his life
There are so many sources where biography of Orenthal James Simpson is offered. Under which circumstances did he get his nickname “The Juice”? What were his parents? What qualities helped him become a good actor and a talented football player? You are welcome to answer these questions in your OJ Simpson essay.
OJ Simpson essay about his criminal life
It is known that this man was in the court several times. You can write about it in your OJ Simpson essay. Do you find him guilty of his wife’s death? Your OJ Simpson essay may become another opportunity to evaluate the events of 1994.

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Problem Essays: Handy Tips and Tricks for Efficient Writing

Posted on December 15th, 2011

When you need to write a problem essay, you may initially experience a writer’s block. Which topic to choose? How to approach writing? How to make sure your problem essay is good? All those questions are quire common among students.
That is why we have created a guide to writing problem essays. Read on and find out how to write your problem essays efficiently!
Problem Essays: What to Start With
From the very name of the essay, it is clear that problem essays deal with problems. This topic is nothing new for you, since problems are a normal everyday occurrence in our life. Just think of the problematic scope that you encounter!

  • problems at school;
  • financial problems;
  • personal problems;
  • environmental problems; etc.

All you have to do at this stage of writing your problem essay is choose the background of the problem you want to discuss.

Problem Essays: How to Continue

Once you have defined the general background of your problem, you have to think of how to develop it in a good problem essay. As such, problem essays do not concentrate solely on problems but also attempt to provide possible solutions to them. Therefore, try to think about the following sections of your problem essay:

  1. problem background;
  2. problem essence;
  3. consequences of the problem;
  4. possible solutions to the problem;
  5. advantages and disadvantages of the suggested solutions.

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