Bible Essay: How to Write One Efficiently and Enjoyably

A Bible essay is probably one of the most creative types of essay ever assigned to students. There is so much information stated in this book of all books that the choice is quite unlimited. If you are at a loss as to which topic to explore in your Bible essay, do not despair! Read on and find out our helpful ideas to succeed in your Bible essay!
Bible Essay: Idea #1
If you like history, than a perfect idea for your Bible essay would be exploring the ways historical events are depicted in the Bible. Find the coincidences and the incongruence and comment on them. Why would the Bible describe the historical events similar to or different from what they were? In this type of Bible essay you can make use of a wide range of historical sources on ancient history.
Bible Essay: Idea #2
In case you are interested in gender psychology, as a topic for your Bible essay you can choose to explore the relations between men and women described in the Bible. Find the examples of famous Biblical couples and analyze the role husbands and wives should play in a classic Biblical family. What is the role of women in Biblical society? Has it changed as compared to modern gender stereotypes? This can be a rich subject to explore in your Bible essay.
Bible Essay: Idea #3
Politics can be another sphere traced in your Bible essay. What were the political relations between lands like? How were countries ruled and how were decisions taken? What were the political systems and did they change through the time? Are there any political systems or methods from the Bible still applied nowadays?

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