A Two-Page Essay: How to Write One

two page essayHow to write a two-page essay? The answer seems to be obvious. You just have to come up with a good topic and cover it in two pages.
Well, if everything were so simple, you would not start looking for help with 2-page essays online. Definitely, you have some questions about two-page essays and want to find answers and some explanations. This is exactly what you will get here.
Actually, there is nothing special about writing 2-page essays. It is almost the standard length of school essays. We say “almost”, because usually teachers ask for 3 pages. So, preparing this two-page essay will not take you too much time. Besides, you are not supposed to show some extraordinary skills and abilities of yours. This kind of essays can be completed according to some basic rules and principles of essay writing.
Anyway, here are more specifications about two-page essays for you.
Topics for two-page essays
There are no topic limits for essays that should be just 2 pages long. Thus, you may be asked to cover any issue. A teacher may assign two-page essays on controversial issues, on some works of literature, historical topics, and so on.
Necessary attributes of two-page essays
No matter how many pages you have to write, 2 or 5, you deal with an ordinary essay. This means that some necessary components should be included into your paper:

  • A thesis statement;
  • Several body paragraphs;
  • Transitions between paragraphs
  • Supporting evidences.

Secrets of successful essays
The main secret, as always, lies in your teacher’s requirements and instructions. Although you have to write 2 pages, the teacher may specify the number of words. He/she may also specify some topic, or sources to be used, or specific questions to be answered, etc. So, be attentive!
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