How to Do Homework: Best and Worst Students’ Strategies

how to-do-your-homeworkWhen you get back home from school, you are on top of the world and enjoy yourself… until somebody asks “Did you do your homework?” This question is the worst spoiler of the day. Still, it is better when it is asked, because the consequences of not doing homework are dreadful… No more frustration! There is the light at the end of the tunnel! You can and should learn how to do your homework quickly and effectively. The problem is not too much homework assigned, but the ineffective strategies used for doing it. Let’s look at the best and worst students’ strategies to learn how to do homework and not to fall asleep in the middle of it.

How to do homework: before you start

The best way to do your homework fast is to arrange the location, budget your time and study wisely. Consider these niceties if you want to achieve maximum effects in minimum time:

  • Try to do at least part of your homework at school if it is possible;
  • work in daylight;
  • study at a desk (a sofa is too relaxing and a kitchen is too noisy);
  • remove all unnecessary items from your desk (photos, papers, disks etc.);
  • avoid any distractions (you may want to switch off your cell phone, ask your brother/ sister not to disturb you for a while; make sure to turn off TV and close the window of your browser).


How to do homework: preparing to start


  1. Check all assignments before starting anything (Is everything clear? Which task is the most difficult/ important one?).
  2. If it is necessary, switch on the cell phone and call your classmates to clarify some assignments (make sure you do not waste time on useless talk).
  3. Divide all homework into chunks.
  4. Budget your time, set the deadlines for each task and include small breaks (do not skip this part, it can be truly effective).


How to do homework: after you start


  • “Eat a frog” first (it means that the most difficult assignments should be done first, when you have enough energy and enthusiasm for them);
  • keep track of your time and deadlines;
  • experiment and create your own study style;
  • when doing homework, use innovative techniques such as flashcards, mnemonics, mind maps, techniques of fast reading;
  • if you do not understand something, do not be embarrassed and ask for help. Feel free to consult your teachers, parents, siblings, neighbors or classmates. However, you should not give up too easily, try to make a serious effort first.

do-homeworkIt is unbelievable but true that these easy steps will help you complete homework effectively and without getting bored. If only all students knew how to do their homework fast!

How to do homework: worst scenarios at home

Now, as you know the best strategies for doing homework, you may want to check these worst scenarios and excuses that should be labeled as “do not try this at home”. So, just check them, but never ever practice them:

  1. Good old phrases “I have no homework” or “I have no written homework”.
  2. I have a fever/bad headache/toothache and cannot do my homework. Be careful not to fall into this trap! Even if your Mom does not get suspicious and it works, you will need to do the homework for two days next night.


How to do homework: worst excuses at school

The answers to the teacher’s question “Where is your homework?” may be even funnier:

  • My dog ate it.
  • I fell asleep when I was trying to do it and woke up only ten minutes ago.
  • I gave it to my friend but he never returned it.
  • I left it in the kitchen and my Mom/Dad threw it in the bin.
  • Terrorists kidnapped me last night.

Kindly note that your parents and teachers were kids as well. Who knows, maybe they used the same excuses for not doing homework in their childhood. Avoid these confusing situations with their dreadful consequences and use only the best strategies for doing your homework assignments.

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