Oral Book Reports: How to Make a Perfect Presentation

oral book reportSo, you have already finished writing your book report and now have to give its oral presentation. For some students, making oral book reports is not an easy mission. Why? Well, the main reason is that not everybody can perform in front of people.
However, if you get ready for your oral book report in advance and know what exactly to talk about, this public performance will be an exciting and useful experience for you.
Below we offer several points you should pay attention to when preparing your oral book report.
Your audience
It is very important to keep in mind your audience when making the oral book report. Does everybody in class know the book you are going to discuss? Is there someone who does not like it? Try to make your oral book report interesting for everyone.
An outline for your oral book report
Before giving a public performance, make an outline of your presentation. The outline of your oral book report should include the following:

  • An introduction – provide some general information about the book: its author, title, date of publication, etc. Think about a good way to start your oral book report. It can be an anecdote or a catchy fact.
  • A body – talk about the main elements of the story in this part of your oral book report. Briefly enumerate the characters and provide the most significant facts about each one. Retell the plot but make sure it is short and precise.
  • A conclusion – in this part of your oral book report, express your attitude to the story, explain why you like/dislike it, and give your recommendations.

During your presentation, you may use visual aids like a photo of the author, some pictures related to the plot of the story, etc.
If you cannot choose a book for your presentation, use our tips for writing “The Portrait of a Lady” essays and a Cone Gatherers essay.

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