Essays on Affirmative Action: For, Against, Neutral

essays against affirmative actionSo, this time you have to deal with one more controversial topic – Affirmative Action. It seems that every American citizen has his/her position on the matter, and now your teacher wants to know what you think about AA.
Have you already developed your point of view? Do you know how to defend it in your essay on Affirmative Action? If you are stuck, we are glad to provide several pieces of advice on how to write papers on Affirmative Action.
Actually, there are three ways to complete your essay on Affirmative Action.
Essays for Affirmative Action
Although today many people do not believe in Affirmative Action, President Kennedy who invented it had only good intentions. Before you get down to writing your essay on Affirmative Action, study Kennedy’s Executive Order 10925 that was signed in 1961 to find out more about the true purposes of AA. In your essay on Affirmative Action, you can also try to explain what went wrong and why today so many people are against it.
Essays against Affirmative Action
Are you one of those who think that AA does not work? Then, introduce your arguments in the essay against Affirmative Action. One of the main arguments against is that AA, actually, promotes racism and discrimination. People are selected for job positions, colleges not because of their qualifications and merits, but because of their race or gender, which is so unfair.
Neutral essays on Affirmative Action
Maybe, you are one of those who do not have a strong position on the problem and see both benefits and flaws of AA. Then, discuss them in your neutral essay on Affirmative Action, provide statistics, opinions of politicians and ordinary people.
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