An Essay on Loyalty: How to Make It Powerful

essay on loyalty

“Most important in a friendship? Tolerance and loyalty.”
Joanne Kathleen
“The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love and loyalty.”
Zig Ziglar

Even considering only these two quotations, we can see that loyalty is one of the integral personal characteristics and it is associated with many other important things like success, friendship, love, etc.
Writing an essay on loyalty can be difficult because of one major reason: the notion of loyalty itself is complicated and it might mean different things for different people.
Anyway, we are sure this is exactly what your teacher is expecting to see in your loyalty essay. You have to explain what loyalty means to you, give your interpretation of the term, provide specific examples, etc.
Here are more prompts on how to write loyalty essays.
Starting off your essay on loyalty
As you can guess, essays on loyalty should start with definitions. Better find a dictionary and look up what it says about loyalty.
Coming up with specific questions for essays on loyalty
Answers to specific questions will help to demonstrate your understanding of the term. Let us give a couple of sample questions you can answer in your essay on loyalty:

  • Who or what are you loyal to?
  • In what ways do you show loyalty?
  • Do you think loyalty should be tested somehow?

Giving examples in essays on loyalty
You know that good papers should be based on solid examples and evidences. Your loyalty essay is not an exception. Think of some real-life examples to back up your words. Or, you can turn to some works of literature, find perfect illustrations and present them in the essay on loyalty.
Our tips for writing an essay about friendship and beliefs essay might be helpful as well.

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