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essay on CanadaCanada is one of the wealthiest countries in the world that occupies a huge part of the North American continent. Everybody can distinguish Canada from all the other countries because of the maple leaf on its flag, some amazing cities like Montreal and Toronto or love to the ice hockey.
Writing essays on Canada should not be too difficult. However, you may face some problems with making your choice on its research topic. At the first glance, it seems that there are a lot of various areas that can be described in your essays on Canada.
You can choose a topic for your essay on Canada from the Canadian history, their culture, political situation, geography and loads of other spheres. However, you cannot be sure whether this topic will be catchy enough to develop and read about.
Thus, we have a proposition. Like every country, no matter how wealthy it is, Canada has a lot of inner problems. So, you can think of some of them and choose the most burning one for your Canada essay:

  • In your Canada essay you can compare life of the Canadian citizens with the life of the immigrants in this country. A lot of people immigrate to Canada in the search for a better life. Probably, they find it in Canada. Still, immigrants do not enjoy all the rights that the citizens have. So, it seems to be a good topic for your essay about Canada.
  • In connection with the previous topic, essays on Canada may investigate the advantages of living in this country.

  • In the essay on Canada you can compare the United States and Canada. These two countries are very close to each other and seem to have a lot in common. Yet, you can compare their political systems, the main domestic problems or their lifestyles.

These ideas will help you write your essays about Canada!

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