Essay Subject: A Defined Subject Limits the Topic for Discussion

Posted on November 9th, 2011

Academic writing includes different activities aimed at developing your writing skills, intellectual skills, and analytical thinking as well as critical one. Fresh ideas are encouraged by original topics that may seem disputable though thought-provoking in terms of a wide range of issues to be discussed.
Students have to be able to dwell on general topics as well as on specific one. For instance, a student should be able to write about his/her personal view on the topic of the good and the evil as they may appear in everyday life. Moreover, a student should be able to focus on the topic of a definite character and his/her problems described in a definite work of literature. An essay subject can help you to define the appropriate topic for your essay paper.
When the Essay Subject Is Defined
The problem of an appropriate topic for an essay paper can be split into two categories. The first category concerns the case when the essay subject is defined.

  • You may focus on a definite problem when the essay subject is defined. One and the same topic can be relevant to various areas. When the essay subject is defined, it is easier to choose the topic.
  • You may choose any topic that does not contradict the essay subject for your academic paper.
  • It is necessary to limit the discussion of a topic to the essay subject in order not to be too wordy and irrelevant.

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Essay on Discrimination: Explore the Burning Modern Issue

Posted on November 2nd, 2011

Discrimination is a concept widely discussed in modern world. After the vast human rights movement that swept the planet in the second half of the twentieth century, humankind has been paying more attention to the issue of discrimination. That is why an essay on discrimination may often appear as your academic assignment. If you are stuck with your essay on discrimination, there is no need to despair! Read on and find out how to cope with your essay on discrimination efficiently!
Essay on Discrimination: What to Write about
The range of topics for your essay on discrimination is limited only by your fantasy. On the one hand, discrimination can be observed simply in everyday life. On the other hand, discrimination is the focus of studies conducted by sociologists and other researchers. Taking into account the diversity of primary and secondary sources on discrimination, you can consider the following topics for your essay on discrimination:

  1. the history of research on discrimination;
  2. the historical change in discrimination patterns;
  3. the solved and unsolved issues of discrimination; etc.

Essay on Discrimination: Where to Find Information
Since discrimination is a topic widely discussed both among the specialists and the general public, the range of sources you can draw information from is enormous. Consider the following options:

  • scientific articles and books on discrimination;
  • articles on discrimination in popular magazines;
  • depiction of discrimination in literature and films;
  • real-life experiences of discrimination; etc.

Essay on Discrimination: How to Put It All Together
When you have defined the major topic of your essay on discrimination and found the necessary information from the sources, get down to writing your assignment. Since it is necessary to arrange your thoughts and ideas in an orderly way, consider the following tips for your essay on discrimination:

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Essay on Conflict: You Should Try to Find out the Best Solution

Posted on October 25th, 2011

Conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional.
Max Lucade

Many people admit that conflict is an indispensible part of human’s life. Of course, this is why it is considered by many academics, scientists, and students. Thus, being a student you may need to write your essay on conflict. What to write about?
In your essay on conflict you can try to define what conflict really is. What can provoke conflicts? Are conflicts that negative? You can devote your essay on conflict to depiction of positive features of conflicts. For instance, Donatella Versace said: “Creativity comes from a conflict of ideas.” You may consider this statement in your essay on conflict. Is it possible to say that conflict is the major tool of progress?
Of course, it may be useful to consider ways and methods of preventing (or at least diminishing) conflicts in your essay on conflict. You can focus on various areas: conflicts on a working place, family conflicts, school conflicts, etc.
Thus, in your essay on conflict you may suggest patterns of preventing conflicts between siblings. Being a parent you can appreciate your own paper in future. Of course, in your essay on conflict you may consider conflicts which result in combats. Is it possible to prevent wars? Can humanity exist without wars?

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Essay on France: What is New in This European Country?

Posted on October 19th, 2011

There are a lot of different ideas which may be discussed in an essay on France. One student may choose cultural perspective, another one may focus his/her attention on the problem of national cuisine, etc. We suppose that the problems mentioned above have already been discussed and nothing new may be considered.
If a student wants to write a powerful and innovative essay on France, he/she should choose more appropriate topic for discussion. There are a lot of alternatives. It should be mentioned that a student should watch news and search for the events which have occurred recently. Only in this case an essay on France will discuss the problems which are vital. One should read this article to get the general idea of what is meant.
Some innovative topics on an essay on France

  1. The President of France wants to provide a pension reform. The main idea of this reform is to rise the pension age to 62 years by 2018 (currently, it is 60 years). A student may focus his/her essay on France on this problem.
  2. The problem of national mobility, the desire and readiness to stand up for human rights may be discussed in students’ essays on France. Students may compare and contrast this readiness for strikes with another European country. Are there any differences?
  3. Students are free to discuss the scandal that involves L’Oreal Company in their essays on France. The owner of the company, Liliane Bettencourt, is suspected with giving money to Sarkozy on his election campaign in 2007. Students should conduct a thorough research to support their essays on France with arguments.

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Essay: Choose a Topic and Enjoy Writing

Posted on October 6th, 2011

Writing essays about outstanding works of literature is what students often enjoy. To be absolutely happy about your Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde essay assignment, you need to choose a good topic. In this article, we will try to help you to cope with this task successfully.
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Essay: Topics Ideas
It is possible to choose different dimensions for writing Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde essays.
You can focus on analyzing some narrow aspect which you consider important. For example, see the following example of a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde essay topic and its content:
Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Causes of Popularity
Strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde can be deservedly called the cult writing. In your Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde essay, try to outline the reasons for such popularity. Does the author use some special tricks? Do people have a “portion” of Jekyll and Hyde in their souls?
Let us offer you more Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde essay topics:

  1. Comparing and Contrasting Frankenstein and Mr. Hyde
  2. Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: a child of Victorian time
  3. Literary devices used in Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  4. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: do they live within every person?

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Essay: Hints on Formulating a Topic
We recommend you to choose an eloquent Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde essay topic which reflects not only the subject of your study, but also your narrow focus and purpose of study.
Compare these examples:

  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Essay Topic 1. Analyzing Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Essay Topic 2. Good and Evil in Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

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Ecological Footprint Essay: How to Write a Successful Paper?

Posted on September 29th, 2011

Modern society raises lots of environmental issues. In fact, environment becomes one of the main (or even essential) concerns of the overall humanity. Of course, in terms of this burning problem discussion ecological footprint essays become very popular as an assignment for students or application writing task.
Many people try to find the appropriate solutions of environmental problems and it is well-know that only entire humanity can solve these problems. Thus, academic world tries to involve youth in the process of searching for the successful solutions.
What is an ecological footprint essay?
Ecological footprint essay is a paper where students should calculate the ratio between the real human needs in natural resources and the real consumption of such needs. As far as the form of an ecological footprint essay is concerned it is the same as in any other essay consisting of introduction, main body and conclusion. The main difference of an ecological footprint essay is its contents.
Appropriate sources for an ecological footprint essay
Of course, any writing task should reveal the writer’s ideas supported by reliable sources and generally accepted opinions. Thus, it is very important to refer to reliable sources in your ecological footprint essay. Of course, you may refer to manuals and monographs in your essay since these sources are reliable and very substantial.

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Dust Bowl Essays: Choose the Topic Your Reader Will Appreciate

Posted on September 22nd, 2011

Dust bowl is a very wide topic to study. Writing Dust Bowl essays gives you an opportunity to touch upon different fields: agriculture, geography, economy, culture. There are some ideas for Dust Bowl essays offered in this article.
Dust Bowl Essays: Origin of Catastrophe
Dust Bowl was a result of incredible coincidence of several factors. It seems really unbelievable: such catastrophes took place for six years (for ten years in some regions); they had not happened before in such scale. Explain a reader of your Dust Bowl essay what mixture of factors caused Dust Bowl.
Dust Bowl Essays: Struggling Dust Bowl and Overcoming Consequences
Besides origins, a potential reader of Dust Bowl essays might be interested in how Dust Bowl was struggled against. Describe the measures which were taken to fight against the disaster and how they worked. As well, one of the most interesting dimensions of Dust Bowl essays is analyzing the consequences of the Dust Bowl. Touch upon the following matters:

  • migration
  • government’s actions
  • economical damage

Dust Bowl Essays: Dust Bowl and People
One more approach to Dust Bowl essays is to make the events of those days lively for a reader. Dust Bowl essays can be devoted to Dust Bowl elucidation in press, works of art etc. Show a viewer how Dust Bowl affected a soul of every person and how this topic was reflected in people’s creative works. This dimension will be fascinating for those who are fond of journalism, culture studies and history.
To write such Dust Bowl essay, you will have to work with the primary sources: newspapers articles and drawings, songs and poems, letters and diaries. To get inspired, you may find the photos of Dust Bowl events and to see everything on your own. Writing Dust Bowl essays in this dimension is incredibly interesting, and so are the essays.

Doctoral Essays or How to Survive Doctoral Essays Submission

Posted on September 14th, 2011

Doctoral essay writing is often a really hard and persistent work. Your job is to show the committee that despite your first time enrolling in their doctoral community you do, already have substantial knowledge on the subject. This will become necessary right away because doctoral essay writing is often assigned on a topic relevant to the subject you will study.
Simple Doctoral Essays Topic Choice Help:

  1. Of course, this one may be evident but still: think if your topic is common enough for other students to choose it for their doctoral essays. You definitely do not want that to happen, so pick a specific topic and develop it well.
  2. Though the doctoral essay writing is not a dissertation or thesis, however, think if you could figure some new insight that have not been outlined before. That is certainly an advantage for your doctoral essay writing.
  3. Doctoral essay development is not a vitally important thing for the planet and science advancement; however, try to be extraordinary in your writing. Make the professors, reading your paper, go into details and get convinced that you are a good candidature for their faculty.
  4. Deciding on a topic will definitely depend on pre-reading and getting aware of the subject of a doctoral essay. This is the most important thing that will make you choose wisely since your purpose is to pleasantly surprise and, as a result, get enrolled in a doctoral program.

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Сuba Essay: Topic Ideas List and Tips for Essay Writing

Posted on August 10th, 2011

Writing essays about countries is always very interesting: you have a chance to learn so much interesting information. Besides, in many cases, students have an opportunity to choose topics which they will enjoy. Let us help you with this task and provide some ideas for your Cuba essay.
If you are not limited with a subject area of your Cuba essay, you can choose in on your own. You can think about the following fields:

  1. Politics in Cuba
  2. Cuban Nation
  3. History of Cuba
  4. Economy of Cuba
  5. International Affair of Cuba
  6. Cuban Culture
  7. Cuban Art
  8. Religion in Cuba

Within these subjects areas, we have prepared a list of ten Cuba essay topics. You can choose one of them for your Cuba essay writing, or use them as a source of your own ideas:

  • Cuba essay topic 1. Consequences of the Cuban Revolution.
  • Cuba essay topic 2. Outcomes of the Cuban Missile Crisis for Cuba.
  • Cuba essay topic 3. How communism and Catholicism co-exist in Cuba?
  • Cuba essay topic 4. Fidel Castro: the outstanding leader of the 20th century.
  • Cuba essay topic 5. Relations between the USA and Cuba.
  • Cuba essay topic 6. Competitive advantages of Cuban economy.
  • Cuba essay topic 7. Discovery of Cuba.
  • Cuba essay topic 8. Poverty in Cuba: how does an ordinary Cuban lives today?
  • Cuba essay topic 9. Cuban music: fusion of Spanish and African traditions
  • Cuba essay topic 10. Salsa: Cuba’s gift to the world.

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Dental Essays: Some Aspects of Your Experience to Consider

Posted on August 3rd, 2011

You can be a good writer, though interesting ideas are difficult to find. If you have some, you should take notes in order to have an opportunity to insert it while writing. One of the aspects that can make your writing really interesting and coherent is the topic.
Do not try to include many different elements that are irrelevant to the main topic of the paper despite being extremely captivating. You should stick to the point and avoid wordiness. The main ideas should be presented in a clear manner. Be precise and write in an appropriate language. If you are asked to write an application essay to a dental school, you should insert the following information into your dental essays:

  1. As a rule, the application committee does not require you to insert too much terminology relevant to dentistry while writing dental essays.
  2. Your personal experience and some cases when you managed to attain success due to your personal characteristics can be dwelled on in dental essays. This does not mean that you should revise when you were persistent or diligent in dental essays. However, some events that took place in the real life can be inserted into dental essays.
  3. Write about the reasons for applying for a dental school in dental essays. Dental needs of your family members or one of the members of your family being in dentistry can be described in dental essays.
  4. Write about your plans and the way to achieve those in dental essays.

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