Dissertation Defense: The Final Step to Your Academic Success

Posted on October 14th, 2011

Now that your dissertation is written, it is still too early to relax. A significant and necessary step in introducing your dissertation to the academic community and completing your academic success is dissertation defense.
Since this last step constitutes a large share in the recognition of your research efforts, it is important to prepare for it well. Our guide to dissertation defense will help you survive this difficult procedure and even to enjoy it!
Dissertation Defense: Prepare the Speech
No matter how well your dissertation is written, your task at dissertation defense is to present the essence of your dissertation in a rather brief speech. For this purpose, select only the essential information from your dissertation and organize it into a smooth flowing narration.
Although the dissertation defense committee will consist of highly qualified specialists, it is still advisory to make your dissertation defense speech not simply a selection of difficult terms. Rather, put your ideas in an exciting and easy-to-perceive form so that your audience do not fall asleep. Do not forget to rehearse the speech in front of a mirror, controlling your gestures and mimics.
Dissertation Defense: Make It Visual
It is widely known that we perceive most information through eyesight. When you have polished your dissertation defense speech to perfection, take care that you support it with enough visual materials. A PowerPoint presentation, slides, diagrams, tables, and other visuals will boost the perception of information during your dissertation defense. The dissertation defense committee will remember what you have to say better and thus will assess you more completely.
Dissertation Defense: Prepare for the Traps

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Dissertation Abstracts Database: The Part of the Iceberg

Posted on September 8th, 2011

Dissertation abstract is a brief summary of the scientific paper that provides the reader with all the necessary information about the content of the work. It is aimed at making people interested in some particular field of knowledge or particular dissertation.
Dissertation abstracts are widely used as a material for the paper. For that purpose we have a lot of different dissertation abstracts databases available in the Internet or university libraries. Dissertation abstracts database helps the reader to concentrate on the most valuable information. Then the person decides whether to read the entire dissertation or is it useless for the research.
Dissertation abstracts database: How to use the resource
Dissertation abstracts database is one of the sources of information for people interested in science and its development. Dissertation abstracts databases may provide you with all the necessary materials. Most of the abstracts in the dissertation abstracts databases are free of charge.
Thus, you do not have to pay for something you do not need. There are many Internet sites that provide various dissertation abstracts database just for educational purposes only. The people are not restricted to make references on such materials. This moment is also quite positive for those using citations from dissertation abstracts databases to illustrate their arguments.
Dissertation abstracts database: Possible disadvantages

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Dissertation Binders: The Requirements of Manuscript Protection

Posted on September 1st, 2011

It can be stated that students writing their dissertation are rarely, if ever, concerned with such aspect as dissertation binders. There is so much to do while writing a dissertation that the requirement of dissertation binders is often overlooked by students.
Nevertheless, such requirement, when the dissertation is finished, is an important one, having particular requirements to follow. In that regard, the present paper explains the rationale for dissertation binders, outlining their main requirements.
Overview of Dissertation Binders
Having dissertation binders is an essential element of the submission process. Usually, students are informed of the requirements and the standards for dissertation binders, specific to the institution. The dissertation can be bound either at the university, which usually offers discounts for students, or at one of the various external agencies offering such service.
Despite the emphasis put on the electronic submission of academic work, dissertation binders remain a traditional way to present and protect the manuscript. In the absence of specific requirements for dissertation binders, the students are free to choose the style and the format of choice, focusing on such aspect as convenience and price.
General Requirements
Generally, the format requirements for dissertation binders might revolve around issues such as follows:

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Dissertation Abstracts Online and Major Points to Their Writing

Posted on August 25th, 2011

Dissertation abstracts online simply mean a wide range of topics that a person could choose for writing his/her custom essay, research paper, dissertation or thesis online. The service mentioned does not always mean writing somebody’s dissertation abstracts online.
Pretty often a person working on an essay or a research paper may ask the agency to help him/her organize writing it in the most readable and understandable manner. The organization ‘dissertation abstracts online’ does not only work on somebody’s paper or research work. It helps people structure their course work in the most proper manner.

  1. Dissertation abstracts online provide a whole row of topics and subjects for discussion. A person can choose anything to his/her own preference and write a paper on its most significant matters.
  2. Dissertation abstracts online present an interesting issue in the way it sounds. The word extract sounds similar with the word abstract. It is a clear example of stylistic device of alliteration when the words sound similar, forming a great sound effect and a persuasive point.
  3. Dissertation abstracts online provide a great number of topics, dissimilar in its structure and organization. Being abstract in its sense, dissertation ‘abstracts online’ does not tell a person anything before he/she starts working on them. Arising a great interest in people’s attitude to it, dissertation abstracts online provide them a great opportunity to study and write the dissertations according to its requirements and criteria. In most cases, the customers of dissertation abstracts online are satisfied with the outcome and the works they receive. It speaks in favor of the organization, specifying its most essential key points.

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Dissertation Archive: The Benefits of Online Sources

Posted on August 17th, 2011

It is widely known that once a dissertation is written, it should be made public for the recognition among the academic community. The latest achievements of information technologies make it possible to publish dissertation online in a dissertation archive. This article introduces the multiple benefits of dissertation archives.
Dissertation Archive: Why Publish Your Dissertation Online?
Publishing your work in an online dissertation archive opens a widest possible range of opportunities for you. Consider just a few benefits of placing your research in a dissertation archive:

  • a much shorter publishing time, as compared to printed works;
  • no shipping of heavy boxes with printed copies required;
  • as an employee, you get a legitimate citation of your paper in the dissertation archive, and this can be used to pimp up your CV;
  • the other scholars can easier use the citation of your work from dissertation archive as a reference for their research;
  • the search options for your work in a dissertation archive are enormously extended as your paper becomes accessible to a vide professional audience all over the world;
  • you gain international recognition since more professionals can get acquainted with your research;
  • the preservation of your work in an online dissertation archive is much simpler and safer than in hard copy, since multiple digital copies are backed up in several locations.

Dissertation Archive: What Can You Do with Your Dissertation?
Having published your work in an online dissertation archive, you can automatically enjoy the following benefits:

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Child Labor Papers – Writing about Sad History and Modernity

Posted on July 6th, 2011

It is reasonable to admit that child labor papers are always striking and moving because the issue of child labor has always been actively disputed as inhumane and cruel, but there is still evidence of child labor practices in many countries of the world.
Thus, one can pick topics for child labor papers from the human past when child labor was a widely spread practice that caused no embarrassment, or find much information for child labor papers in the modern times.
Child Labor Papers – how to Speak about the Unspeakable.

  • The first step before writing child labor papers is to identify which area of the subject is of prime interest to the writer – it may be modern legislation on child labor, evolution of attitude to child labor or the historical highlights of the topic; sources for child labor papers will be looked for according to the chosen aspect
  • It is also possible to consider how different countries treat the notion of child labor and to consider the legislative provision of the International Labor Organization adopted in 1973 ratifying a certain age under which a child cannot work – many child labor papers may be based on these facts
  • One can also produce child labor papers about the contemporary accidents on child labor revealed in various countries, even the most developed ones – the criminal prosecution and measure of punishment is an actual and interesting topic for child labor papers

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Article Writing Help: Promotional Strategies for Writers

Posted on May 13th, 2011

When presenting an article, a writer’s primary goal is to define effective promotional tactics. His/her writing should be interesting and provocative enough to grab readers’ attention and sustain demand for this article. No matter what topic you choose for elaboration, it should be submitted in an original and extraordinary way.
In order to guarantee the article success, it is necessary to refer to article writing help that can prompt inexperienced writers about the trickiest devices for presenting a good article.
How can article writing help contribute to your writing skills advancement?

  1. Article writing help can show different approaches of delivering information. It unveils all secrets and tricky devices that can make your writing more sophisticated and interesting.
  2. Article writing help can advise on how to determine the target audience because this factor plays the most important role in further development of your article.
  3. Article writing help should encourage writers to find the sources to draw inspiration from. The beginners are always in a vigorous search for sensations forgetting about the fact that everything brilliant is simple.
  4. Article writing help can teach to structure your unbridled thoughts. To be more precise, many writers are mistaken when thinking that article writing welcomes sensation and shocking ideas. However, it is risky enough to give vent to emotions. Indeed, writers should address article writing help in case they want to know what should be highlighted and which parts are better to omit in order to avoid misconceptions.

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Article Writing Courses: Do not Doubt! Do it for Your Success!

Posted on April 22nd, 2011

Some students are the best in articles writing when they have to describe something, express personal opinion and dwell upon some facts they are interested in. The others may have some problems with the issue. Are you one of those? Do you have problems with writing articles?
There may be a number of reasons for this. Nevertheless, the article writing courses are the ones that may be helpful for you. Attend those and be sure to improve your writing. Here is some general information about article writing courses you may search for.
General information about article writing courses

  1. Attending article writing courses, you are sure to improve your grammar.
  2. Articles should be structured in accordance with specific rules. Article writing courses teach how to structure your articles properly.
  3. Those courses teach you the main issues you are to know. Most articles are rather short. It is better for you to know how to contain all the necessary information in small sized papers.
  4. Writing articles requires that you should follow the specific style. Do not forget about practicing the writing style you are explained at the article writing courses.
  5. Articles must be exciting and useful. Even the most boring information may be presented to the readers with interest and zest. Most article writing courses teach their students to express ordinary information in a new light.

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Academic Literature Review: Simplifying an Overwhelming Task

Posted on April 15th, 2011

Conducting a scientific research may seem to be an overwhelming task. Some researchers may panic before starting their investigation and not know how to begin. Ordering an academic literature review might presuppose the further success of the research.
Choosing appropriate sources is one of the most important and difficult parts of investigation. A researcher needs to be careful and double check reliability of the sources. Unverified information might mislead the researcher and waste a lot of time. Academic literature review minimizes chances of being misled and provides useful information concerning the current literature covering the researched problem.
Four eyes always see much more than two. Academic literature review might be helpful for choosing some additional sources. At the same time it is useful to know the experts’ views concerning the chosen sources. In case if a researcher is not knowledgeable in the sphere, academic literature review will enhance his/her proficiency and guide the process of investigation.
Useful hints for work with academic literature review

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300 Words on Writing a Scientific Report: Info for Students

Posted on March 3rd, 2011

When you start writing a scientific report, it is very important to comprehend the essence of this type of work and the purposes that have to be achieved. Do you want to know more about writing a scientific report? In this article, you are able to find out the answers to the most burning questions concerning writing a scientific report and reliable hints on how to succeed in this assignment.
The Essence of Writing a Scientific Report
A scientific report is a paper that introduces the results achieved during the experiment that is integral for the scientific sphere. As a rule, the process of writing a scientific report presupposes the necessity to describe the process itself and then to define limitations and share recommendations.
Functions to Complete While Writing a Scientific Report
The process of writing a scientific report is complex, and this is why it is very important to define the functions accordingly:

  1. Primary functions: to introduce a research and prove its importance.
  2. Secondary functions: to communicate with people who are going to evaluate the project and get an approval for continuation of the research.

Language and Style Used While Writing a Scientific Report
Most of the time, students who deal with writing a scientific report have to meet the following requirements:

  • Use language that is grammatically sound;
  • Avoid different types of jargons or colloquialisms;
  • Make use of complicated terms the meanings of which are possible to explain;
  • Give explanation to all abbreviations used while writing a scientific report;
  • Define the style required and follow it all the time.

Mind that tutors may require different aspects to be met, and before you start writing a scientific report, you have to clarify what should be used:

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