Descriptive Essay Topics: Depicting the World around You

descriptive-essay-topicsDescriptive essays normally don’t create any difficulties for students, but sometimes it is quite hard to find a good topic for such a paper. There are too many subjects that one can choose for this assignment and some of them often seem rather trivial. People who search for descriptive essay topics may want to consider the following suggestions.
Descriptive Essay Topics: Works of Art
The world of art can certainly offer students plenty of excellent examples for descriptive essays. Here are some topics that you can choose:

  • A painting. You can choose any artistic style that you like, but it’s better not to choose abstract or surrealist paintings because they may be rather difficult to describe.
  • Any kind of building (a skyscraper, a church, an ancient castle or tower, etc)
  • Posters and labels;
  • The cover of your favorite book;
  • A sculpture. You can choose such a subject if you know about the background of this artistic work; otherwise this task can prove to be very challenging;
  • A postcard;
  • An engraving;
  • A graffiti;
  • An article of furniture. For example, you can describe a cabinet designed by Thomas Chippendale.
  • A photograph.

So, you can choose one of the above subjects as a descriptive essay topic. Yet, you should choose something that is both familiar and interesting to you; otherwise it would be rather difficult to engage the reader.
Descriptive Essay Topics: People and Events
Students should remember that almost anything can be suitable for such an assignment, and you can certainly focus on people or memorable events in your paper, for example:

  1. Your favorite book or movie character;
  2. A person who strongly influenced you;
  3. A theatrical performance;
  4. A carnival;
  5. The lecture that you liked or disliked most;
  6. Your friend;
  7. Any scene that produced a powerful impression on you.

topics-for-description-essayDescriptive Essay Topics: Daily Routine
When choosing topics for their descriptive essays, students often forget about their immediate environment. Our daily routine can also be the subject of such a paper. For example you can describe one of the following things:

  1. People’s efforts to get up early in the morning;
  2. Your favorite meal;
  3. A daybreak;
  4. Your desk;
  5. A vase with flowers;
  6. The backyard of your house;
  7. A car;
  8. Your room in the dormitory.

You can easily use one of these topics for description essay. If you approach this task with creativity and patience, you’ll see that almost any subject can be interesting and original.

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