Argument Topics: Top Ideas and Hints for a Persuasive Paper

argument-topicsA persuasive essay can be written on any subject, including for instance politics, education, international relations or family. All you need to make your essay truly persuasive are original and relevant argument topics. If you need some examples to get you started, this article will surely help you.
Argument Topics: Family and Society
Family and society can be a great subject for an essay. Here are argumentative paper topics that you may find interesting:

  1. Should gay couples be allowed to adopt children? Does this practice put the adopted child at risk?
  2. The structure of the family. Should polygamy be legalized and why?
  3. Family relations. Is it possible to forgive adultery? When can a person do that?
  4. Parents as educators. Can homeschooling substitute formal education? What kind of skills should parents have in order to be good teachers for their children?
  5. Family and labor. Is it possible to maintain a balance between career and family?
  6. Should parents have the right to administer corporal punishment to their child? To what extent and in what circumstances?
  7. Birth control. Are there circumstances when the government can prohibit families from having children? Can such control be ethically justified?
  8. Family and law. Are marriage contracts and agreements be compatible with romantic love?

Argument Topics: Social Problems and Resolution
Social problems can be discussed by students majoring in different disciplines, such as management, education, law, public administration, and so forth. You can choose for your paper one of these argumentative essay topics:

  • Inequality and poverty. Is it ethical and effective to increasing taxes for rich people as a means of redistributing wealth?
  • Crime. Are there any circumstances that can justify theft from an ethical point of view? How should legislators act in such cases?
  • Cultural diversity in modern society. Is it ethical to fight racism by means of censorship?
  • Hate crimes. Should crimes committed against people of a different race have special legal status?
  • Affirmative action. Should college admission committees take into account an applicant’s race and ethnicity? Can such practice contribute to the increase of racial animosity?
  • Corporate irresponsibility. Is it reasonable for government to regulate the work of the financial industry? What might be the effects of such intervention?
  • Society and terrorism. Is it possible to justify the adoption of the PATRIOT act and governmental supervision of telecommunications?
  • Immigration. Should governments grant citizenship to illegal immigrants who have lived in the country for a long time, for example, five or more years? Explain pros and cons of this decision.
  • Income and education. Does the existing educational system offer equal opportunities to students? What kind of changes should be made, if any?

Argument Topics: Medicine and Healthcare
argumentative-paper-topicsMedical workers have to face ethical dilemmas very often. If you study medicine or nursing, you can definitely pick one of these questions:

  1. Is it ethical for a medical worker to help a patient commit suicide? Can such practice be compatible with medical ethics?
  2. Should medical workers always take into account the patient’s opinion? Are there cases when it is possible to disregard this opinion?
  3. Does a physician have a right to disclose confidential information about a patient? Can one justify such an action from a moral standpoint?
  4. Is a physician morally obliged to inform others when one of his/her colleagues makes a professional mistake?
  5. How should a medical worker act when it is impossible to obtain the informed consent of the patient?
  6. Is it ethical to study medical records of famous people who died long time ago?
  7. What are the ethical criticisms of eugenics? Can this science be compatible with legal and ethical norms?
  8. Should emotions influence the decisions of physicians?

So, there are plenty of argument topics that you may discuss in your paper. Each of them is both interesting and thought-provoking.

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