Business Term Paper Tips: Five Effective Writing Practices

In every academic field certain customs and traditions exist in regards to the most suitable writing styles to employ for term papers. Students writing term papers in visual arts will write differently from history majors, for example.
The same is true of any student pursuing a degree in business; the writing style must adhere to the subject matter and demonstrate an understanding of its audience. What follows is a list of five tips for business term papers that will help students create the best possible papers:

  1. The number one business term paper tip is to employ language that suits the audience for business writing. Business writers speak to an educated group; however, for the most part the audience of business written materials remains chronically short on time. Thus the effective business term paper reflects that reality; it is short, succinct and avoids overly descriptive, flowery, poetic, or excessively academic and complex language.
  2. When writing business term papers, students need to get to the point early, ideally in the first sentence. Many similarities exist between business writing and journalism; both express the facts as quickly as possible in the most objective manner. In business term papers, extraneous information will harm your mark.
  3. Another important business term paper tip is to stick to the point. Rambling essays that provide circular arguments and run off in tangents will be returned with a very disappointing mark.
  4. In business writing, it is imperative to avoid speculation, bias, overt expression of opinion, and prejudice. Business writing needs to provide facts so that people can make educated choices about money, such as investment options, real estate, interest rates, stocks and research and development. Thus the business term paper needs to be a clean representation of factual business information, rather than the author’s feelings about a certain business topic.

One of the most important business term paper tips is to stick to the word count. The main reason to do this is so that students can demonstrate their understanding of procedure. If a business term paper runs over the word count, it sends a message of disregard for the parameters of the assignment, which will translate into a disregard for the rules and hierarchies that govern most businesses.

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