High School Essay Writing: Developing Students’ Research Skills

The main aspects of high school essay writing can be seen in teaching students the basic principles of writing. Nevertheless, it can be stated that one of the important learning outcomes of teaching high school essay writing is teaching research skills.
Research skills are as important to students as writing skills in general. The way research skills are taught in high school essay writing might need further explanation. In that regard, the present article will attempt to explain the essence of research in high school essay writing and the way it might be taught.
Research in High School Essay Writing
The importance of research skills cannot be overrated. Accordingly, the basis of such skills can be taught through high school essay writing. Such aspect implies that the topic of the essay require a research to be conducted. The student might be given simple guidelines on resources which are credible and applicable. The student would learn to distinguish between sources with varying credibility, and distinguishing personal ideas from the ideas of others.
Giving Credit in High School Essay Writing
Another important element that can be taught through high school essay writing is how credit should be given through references. Such element is mainly related to research skills, and thus, students will be given the opportunity through simple essays to practice such skill.
The basics of a particular citation style can be taught to students, e.g. MLA, the assessment of which can be seen in a task related to high school essay writing. The accuracy of the citation style might not be important at this stage, inasmuch as the main priority is for students to support their arguments with authoritative opinions and facts.

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