Dissertation Defense: The Final Step to Your Academic Success

Now that your dissertation is written, it is still too early to relax. A significant and necessary step in introducing your dissertation to the academic community and completing your academic success is dissertation defense.
Since this last step constitutes a large share in the recognition of your research efforts, it is important to prepare for it well. Our guide to dissertation defense will help you survive this difficult procedure and even to enjoy it!
Dissertation Defense: Prepare the Speech
No matter how well your dissertation is written, your task at dissertation defense is to present the essence of your dissertation in a rather brief speech. For this purpose, select only the essential information from your dissertation and organize it into a smooth flowing narration.
Although the dissertation defense committee will consist of highly qualified specialists, it is still advisory to make your dissertation defense speech not simply a selection of difficult terms. Rather, put your ideas in an exciting and easy-to-perceive form so that your audience do not fall asleep. Do not forget to rehearse the speech in front of a mirror, controlling your gestures and mimics.
Dissertation Defense: Make It Visual
It is widely known that we perceive most information through eyesight. When you have polished your dissertation defense speech to perfection, take care that you support it with enough visual materials. A PowerPoint presentation, slides, diagrams, tables, and other visuals will boost the perception of information during your dissertation defense. The dissertation defense committee will remember what you have to say better and thus will assess you more completely.
Dissertation Defense: Prepare for the Traps
Dissertation defense involves asking lots of different questions on the topic of your research. Try to assemble a list of most and least expected questions you may be asked during dissertation defense, and prepare convincing answers to them.

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