Casual Essay: Effectiveness of Proof by Contradiction Method

Preventing casual essay writing
Learning from examples is considered to be one of the most effective techniques. What about learning from negative examples? For example, analyzing a sample of casual essay which does not meet the requirements, learners are expected to avoid making the same mistakes in their papers. Proof by contradiction is one of the most effective methods for preventing the errors. Providing learner with one perfect and one casual essay, a teacher would stimulate the learners’ critical thinking required for comparing these papers.
Practical guides including common errors are popular among contemporary students and educators. The same goes for providing learners with a sample of a casual essay. Students may act as tutors, pointing at the main drawbacks of the paper and even giving a grade for it. It would help learners see the assignment from a new perspective and critically evaluate one’s own essay before handing it. Teachers should write a casual essay themselves instead of using one of the learners’ papers. It can hurt the student’s feelings even if the author’s name is not mentioned.
Critical analysis of a casual essay

  1. Criticizing a sample casual essay, learners need to choose the appropriate evaluative criteria. It is advisable to select them considering both format and content of the paper.
  2. Analyzing the drawbacks of a casual essay, students should offer possible ways for correcting the mistakes and improving the style and the structure of the paper. Citation style and spelling need to be taken into consideration for making the analysis more comprehensive.
  3. It is possible to divide the class into groups and organize contents between them. It would motivate learners to be more attentive analyzing a casual essay.

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