ACT Sample Essay: Effective Recommendations for Passing an Exam

An ACT test evaluate students’ general educational achievements as well as their abilities to accomplish college level assignments on English, Mathematics, science, reading and writing. In this respect, it is composed of two parts: a multiple choice test and the writing assignment where a student should present his/her essay. In order to get ready for the second part of an ACT test, it is necessary to consult ACT sample essays that provide students with a better idea about an essay structure and organization.
Why is it important to use ACT sample essays?

  1. ACT sample essays introduce students to the basic principles of structuring a paper.
  2. ACT sample essays provide students with basic format requirements for writing.
  3. Style of writing, grammar, and stylistics can also be pursued while consulting ACT sample essays.
  4. ACT sample essays contain the main peculiarities of proper writing style, which is of paramount importance because it influences considerably the total grade.
  5. Finally, ACT sample essays can provide with interesting and catchy ideas for your own ACT essay.

As it can be seen, ACT sample essays have a lot advantages. However, students should be careful because there are some shortcomings of using ACT sample essays:

  • First of all, ACT sample essays can be placed on unreliable online sites and, therefore, students can be misdirected in terms of an essay organization and content.
  • Second, ACT sample essays cannot be plagiarized. Rather, they can be used as writing guidelines.
  • Finally, ACT sample essays should not be used as an ideological framework. It means that the structure of your essay should not coincide with ACT sample essays.

The above disadvantages can be eliminated if you are sure that the site you are using is reliable.

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