Turning Points Essays: from Personal to Historical Perspectives

turning point essaySo, it seems like a teacher just told you “Guys, prepare turning points essays for the next time” and gave no other specifications. At a glance, the situation looks rather confusing, but actually, we should say that you are lucky to get such fascinating and pretty simple task. Let us briefly explain you how to prepare turning points essays.
Before you get down to completing your turning point essay, it seems to be logical to sort out what a turning point actually means. To put it into simple words, a turning point is just some important event that can bring dramatical changes. Such events happen in the life of every person. This is why a personal perspective is one of the major options for completing turning points essays.
Basically, what you need to do is create a story and describe some turning point of your life. It is better to choose a narrative style for your turning point essay, but you can also add some elements of a descriptive essay such as various sensory details.
However, we should say that turning points essays can be done not only from the personal perspective. Maybe, some of you will even think that it is quite a boring way of writing turning point essays. Then let us give you a hint. The thing is that turning points happen not only in human life. Countries have turning points in their development, science, history, culture. Life of every country is also impossible without turning points. All these are perspectives you can choose to prepare your turning point essay.
Here is an example for you. For instance, your turning points essay can be devoted to some turning points during the WWII. You can mention important battles like the Battle of Moscow, Stalingrad, or Kursk.
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