For and Against Essays: a Comprehensive Guide to Writing

for and against essayAre you trying to weigh all pros and cons of writing for and against essays? “If there are more cons, I will not squeeze my brain and will probably just find someone to write this for and against essay for me”. If this is what you are thinking about right now, read this article carefully after your weighing process is finished.
The thing is that such skill as writing essays for and against something is important for any student. It helps to develop your analytical and independent thinking and to make your own decisions about things going on around you. Besides, making a good for and against essay is not that complicated. We can prove you this by presenting a comprehensive guide to writing for and against essays.
What for and against essays are all about
To put it into simple words, it is another essay type where you have to discuss a topic from opposing standpoints, consider advantages and disadvantages of the subject.
What sections for and against essays consist of
Basically, you will have to stick to the standard five-paragraph format when writing your for and against essay. It will look as follows:

  • an introduction, where you present your topic;
  • body paragraphs, where you introduce for and against points and provide your justifications;
  • conclusions, where you can either give a balanced overview of the topic or express your position.

How to prepare a well-developed for and against essay

  1. Before you start writing, make a list of all for and against points you are going to consider.
  2. Write your justifications or examples near each point.
  3. Do not present your position on the topic until the last paragraph of your for and against essay.

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