500-Word Essays: You Have Questions, We Know Answers

500 words essayIt seems like you have some questions about 500-word essays and think that you will find answers here. Right! This is exactly what this article is devoted to – answering your questions and giving explanations on how to write 500-word essays.
First of all, you should know that there is absolutely nothing special about writing 500-word essays. It is a mere paper that can be organized according to all these rules you already know. Particularly:

  • You can use various types of essay and prepare a 500-word descriptive essay, division and classification essay, an argumentative essay, etc.
  • You can follow a standard pattern of organization.
  • You can use specific writing techniques, etc.

However, we suppose you cannot wait to get answers to your questions about 500-word essays. Thus, let us not waste your time.
How long is a 500-word essay?
Do not know why, but this is one of the most disturbing questions for many students. Actually, a lot of factors can affect the length of a 500-word essay, but we will answer this question using standard requirements. If you type your essay using 12 pt. Times New Roman and set 1-inch margins, your essay will be one and a half-two pages long.
How long will it take to get a 500-word essay done?
Again, various factors might affect the amount of time you will spend on preparing your 500-word essay. However, if you are familiar with a topic, completing your paper will not take longer than 45 minutes.
What is the secret of an A+ 500-word essay?
Well, the main skill you have to demonstrate is your ability to cover a topic properly staying within such small word limit. If you do not exceed 500 words, but highlight all the most important points, you may count on a good grade.
In addition, you can find and study a 500-word essay sample to see how everything looks like on practice.
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