Film Analysis Essays: Do You Know how to Analyze a Film?

film analysis essayIt is a sure bet that watching movies is one of your favorite activities, maybe it is even your hobby. However, can you analyze films you watch? And do you know how to write a film analysis essay?
Teachers ask to write papers on films quite often. What do they expect to see? We can tell you for sure that writing essays on films is not about retelling a plot, is not about explaining whether you like a movie or not. Essays on movies are about your critical comments and analytical thinking.
What follows next are particular steps you should take to prepare an excellent film analysis essay.
Step 1
Choose a movie for your film analysis essay and watch it at least twice. Do not rely on your memory even if you have seen the movie hundreds of times. We are sure you did not take notes while watching it.
Meanwhile, notes mean a lot for an outstanding film analysis essay. You can write down some important dialogues that can be used as quotes in your film analysis essay, jot down details from some crucial scenes in the movie, etc. In other words, the more notes and details you have, the more evidences you will have to back up your film analysis essay.
Step 2
Read film reviews prepared by experts. It is a good starting point, because professional reviews can help to:

  • choose the right structure for your film analysis essay;
  • enrich your vocabulary, since a good film analysis essay presupposes the use of specific terms;
  • define the major theme of the film, which you need to explain in your film analysis essay.

Step 3
Now, you are ready to start writing your film analysis essay. You may follow a standard structure, which includes a thesis statement and body paragraphs that support it.
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