Basic Essay Format: If You Still Do not Know Formatting Rules

basic essay formatHow to write excellent essays – this is a question that all students try to answer. Although it is not the most complicated academic question, a straightforward answer to it cannot be given. The thing is that many aspects make a good essay, and essay format is one of them.
Actually, the principles of basic essay format are taught from the very first days when students start writing essays. However, even in high school some students fail to meet all the requirements of basic essay format, which usually results in lower grades on essays.
If you also have some doubts about basic essay format, we are glad to remind you the rules.
General facts about basic essay format
In a few words, basic essay format can be defined as a five-paragraph structure. It is a typical structure used in all American schools. These five paragraphs include an introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph.
This basic essay format is considered convenient for a number of reasons. First, it is an easy structure for students to follow. Second, it makes an essay organized and easy to read.
More details about basic essay format
Let us explain you what each paragraph in your essay serves for and how they should be organized.
Basic essay format: introduction
Introduction serves to present the topic of your paper, give some background information about it, and catch the reader’s attention.
Basic essay format: body
Body is the part where you actually disclose the topic, introduce your evidences, prove your positions, etc.
Basic essay format: conclusion
Conclusions serve to summarize all major points made, present some results, etc.
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