US Foreign Policy Essays: Show Your Understanding of International Relations

papers on foreign policyDiscussing US foreign policy means not only understanding the policy of your country towards other nations and relations with them. You will have to demonstrate your general awareness of international relations when writing a US foreign policy essay. What is more, you can do it in relation to different historical periods.
In this article, we want to give you some recommendations on how to write effective papers on US foreign policy and offer a couple of topic ideas.
US foreign policy essays: considering current events
Do you want to discuss American international relations under the presidency of Barack Obama? Have you noticed some significant changes in US foreign policy comparing to those under Bush’s administration? You have a chance to express your point of view in your US foreign policy essay.
These are a few ideas to cover in US foreign policy essays:

  • American relations with Iran (from the perspective of the Iranian nuclear program);
  • Relations with North Korea and policy towards it;
  • Russian-American relations at the present moment.

You may wish to compare policies of the current and previous presidents in your US foreign policy essay. Then you can also use the above-mentioned ideas.
US foreign policy essays: talking about the past
Historical events always relate to present days’ events somehow, and this especially refers to foreign policy. In your US foreign policy essay, we suggest you discuss the following. Some American presidents (Monroe, Washington, Roosevelt) believed that the United States should not get involved into affairs of other countries. Explain in your US foreign policy essay whether this statement is true these days.
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