Research Paper References

research paper referenceIf you want to be an author of an outstanding research paper you should follow our tips and pay attention to the rules of research paper reference citing.
First of all, you should know the purposes of citing the research paper references:

  • With the help of research paper references you can show the number of literature sources used during the research;
  • With the help of research paper references you can prove the authenticity of your research;
  • With the help of research paper references you can prevent any accusations of plagiarism.
  • With the help of research paper references you give an opportunity to the readers to find the sources used.

You should know that research paper references should be written correctly, taking into consideration such issues as an alphabetic order or the authors names’ spelling.
Sometimes, students can pose such question as “Where should I find the information for my research paper references?”
The answer is too simple: wherever you want – books, magazine articles, reviews, even past research papers can be used as the sources.
One more thing that you should know about research paper references is the way of its presentation:

  • Author’s name;
  • Editor’s name;
  • Work’s title;
  • Subtitle;
  • Publisher’s name;
  • Date and place of publishing. (Consider the citation style required).

As you can see the process of organizing research paper references is important. If you want to demonstrate that your work is prepared by you and you have worked hard, you should point out several citations.
In order to create perfectly performed research paper references you should read a lot of literature. If you do not want to seem dabbler, most likely, you will want to use more than one source for your research paper references. If there are not enough sources, it bursts upon the eye and it seems that you could have performed a better research.
So, consider all this information and try to use it during your writing process.

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