One Page Essays: Not Enough Space to Express All Ideas

one page essaysWhy do teachers assign papers like that? Is it possible to disclose a topic fully on one page?
Sure, one page is not enough for covering a topic, but actually, you do not have to do it! Do you want to know why? Find necessary explanations below.
The gist of writing 1 page essays
So, we have mentioned that you do not need to cover a topic to its full extent. The gist of making a 1 page essay is to show your ability to be precise but clear and informative at the same time.
To be more specific, you need to grasp the most important aspects of your topic and introduce them in a one page essay clearly.
Topics for one page essays
You may deal with absolutely different topics, starting from famous personalities like composers, political leaders, etc. to some acute problems like global warming, childhood obesity, and so on.
So, the choice is up to you. Do not forget that a good topic for your one page essay should fit your interests and preferences.
Some strategies for making effective one page essays

  • Before you get down to work on your one page essay, jot down all significant points about the topic and choose at least three points for discussion.
  • Make a strong thesis statement for your one page essay that will include three selected points for discussion.
  • Divide the body of your one page essay into three small paragraphs, each one highlighting one of the points.
  • Think of the most vivid examples, details to be included into your one page essay. You do not have much space, thus exclude all unnecessary information.

If you lack ideas for your paper, use our tips for writing an essay on childhood obesity and George Washington essay.

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