MLA Research Papers: Basic Guidelines as Your Starting Point

MLA research paperAs your academic life progresses, there will be more and more research papers in MLA style that you will have to complete. Sure, with time and practice, making MLA research papers will be easier. However, right now, you are not experienced enough in writing them. Thus, we are glad to help you.
By the way, what is the main reason for writing MLA style research papers? Well, it is one of the evidences of an original and authentic work, since you will have to document every single source used. Besides, MLA style research papers look pretty and accurate.
So, these are some basic rules you should stick to when writing a research paper using MLA style.
General guidelines

  • Your MLA research papers should be typed on a computer and printed on white, standard size paper.
  • The text of your paper should be double-spaced and printed with legible fonts like a 12 pt. Times New Roman.
  • 1-inch margins should be used on all sides of your MLA research paper.

Making a title page
Actually, in the great majority of cases, MLA style research papers do not have a title page. Anyway, this is how your first page should be arranged: write your name and the name of your instructor, course, and date in the upper left-hand corner. Double space and put the title of your work in the center of the page. Leave double spaces between your title and the first line of the text.
Making in-text citations
The easiest way to make citations in your MLA research paper is as follows: after you use a quotation or paraphrase an idea, put in the brackets the author’s name and a page number.
On our blog, you can find out more about MLA research papers abbreviations and other styles in the article about an APA term paper.

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