Essays on Darfur: Let Us Make It Interesting

essay on DarfurThis time, the subject of your essay will be Darfur, a western region of Sudan. What do you know about it? Have you already thought what information to present in essays on Darfur? Well, let us share several interesting ideas with you.
Essays on Darfur: Idea # 1
The conflicts that take place in Darfur
What do you know about the conflicts in Darfur? More than 400,000 civilians have already died in conflicts. Is it possible to prevent them (conflicts and deaths)? What measures should be taken? Present them in your essay on Darfur.
Essays on Darfur: Idea # 2
Poverty in Darfur
What does really cause poverty in Darfur? In your essay on Darfur, mention that abundance of oil and many other natural resources do not promote country’s development. So, what are the causes of poor life? Try to find the answer when writing an essay on Darfur.
Essays on Darfur: Idea # 3
The crisis in Darfur
Everything started in 1994. Arab militia began to wipe out numerous African tribal communities. Houses were razed, women and girls were raped, boys and men were killed. What happened then? Describe further events in your essay on Darfur.
Do not forget that your essay on Darfur should be written according to the required structure: THESIS STATEMENT – MAIN BODY – CONCLUSIONS.
Mind the transitions between each sentence and paragraphs. Edit your essay on Darfur several minutes later after you finish it. Good luck!
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