Economics Research Paper

economics research paperIt is very important to keep to the right structure while writing your research paper in Economics. The parts of an Economics research paper are not interchangeable. They are to follow each other according to the commonly used way of structuring.
In this article we will tell you about the parts of an Economics research paper, what information should be included into each of them, and what way of structuring you need to stick to:

  • Cover page
    This is an optional part. A cover page for an Economics research paper should be prepared in case required by a tutor or according to the standards established by your university. Thus, once you get a task to write an Economics research paper, talk to your tutor and find out whether this part is obligatory. If yes, it should present information about you, your tutor, academic institution, work and date of submission
  • Abstract
    This is an optional part of an Economics research paper as well. The purpose of an abstract is to give a short overview of the work. No details, just the most essential and important issues are to be presented in the abstract of an Economics research paper.
  • Introduction
    This part of an Economics research paper should introduce the chosen topic, defining its significance. A student should explain why this very topic is worth being investigated. Besides, a student has to provide background information on the issue and present the methods and tools he/she intends to use in order to research the topic of Economics research papers.

  • Main body
    This is the part of an Economics research paper where research should be presented in all details: what methods were used, what problems a student faced, what the outcomes of research are, etc.
  • Conclusion
    Now it is high time to summarize the work done and present its outcomes in the conclusion of Economics research papers
  • List of references
    All the sources used to write an Economics research paper should be presented in this part.

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