Thesis Format – Talking about Footnotes

thesis formatFollowing the requirements for the thesis format can be called one of the most boring parts of writing your graduate thesis. Still, you should not allow this difficulty to prevent you from getting your degree. Thus, you will have to show your patience and meet all the necessary requirements.
You have probably heard about different thesis formats. They depend on the style that you have chosen for writing your project. Thus, you will have to find a relevant manual on the thesis format requirements of a certain style. However, do not forget that your college/university can have some additional requirements for the theses format, and you will need to take them into consideration as well.
Thesis format concerns every part of your paper. There are specific rules of organizing a thesis title page, table of contents, acknowledgements, fonts, margins, illustrations and so on. Yet, in this article we would like to talk about the thesis format requirements for the organization of footnotes.
We will explain you why footnotes are an important part of the thesis format. Footnotes protect you from being accused of plagiarism – this is the best explanation.
So, what are the theses format requirements for arranging footnotes?

  • First, footnotes can be of two types: reference and content. According to the theses format, reference footnotes describe the source of information that was used. Content footnotes are used to make acknowledgements or comments. You have to place them at the bottom of a current page.
  • Second, there are regular and scientific thesis formats according to which footnotes should be organized. Regular format refers to the papers completed in English, Literature, History, some social disciplines. Here, footnotes can be placed at the bottom of a page; at the end of each chapter; at the end of a manuscript entitled “Notes”.

  • Scientific thesis format refers to the papers done in natural sciences, Math, Psychology, Geography, education. Here all the references should appear at the end of a manuscript entitled “Literature Cited” or “List of References”.

Thus, we recommend you to pay special attention to such a part of the thesis format as footnotes.

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