Peculiar Features of a Marketing Research Proposal

marketing research proposalIf you want to know more about the peculiar features of a marketing research proposal, then, first of all, it is better to concentrate on the definition of research proposals in general.
Any research proposal is the first paper draft, which contains brief information about research that a student is going to make.
When we talk about a marketing research proposal, it is very important to pay attention to its peculiar features.
As any proposal, your marketing research proposal should be structured. The most common structure of a marketing research proposal is the following:

  • Title page – this chapter of your marketing research proposals presents information about the author and the work itself (title).
  • Introductory part – this part of your marketing research proposal contains a short overview of research you are going to conduct and presents the issues that prove the importance of your work.
  • Literature review – this section of your marketing research proposal presents information that helps to put your research in line with other investigations.
  • Methodology – this part of your marketing research proposal is a description of the approaches and methods used to carry out your research.
  • Literature sources – this list of your marketing research proposals shows all the sources used to create the paper.

It is important to point out the central problem in your marketing research proposals. Pay attention to such factors as buyers’ behavior and their reaction to the changes on the market. Also, analyze sellers’ behavior: what makes them launch such improvements, etc… Try to describe different factors while creating your marketing research proposal. It will give you an opportunity to create a worthy piece of work.
Your marketing research proposal will be a great piece if you manage to apply advice mentioned above!

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