Biology Research Paper Topics

biology research paper topicsLet me guess. You have to write a research paper in Biology and you are looking for some interesting biology research paper topics. Maybe, for someone it is a problem, but not for us. I am sure together we will choose a perfect topic for you among a great variety of biology research paper topics.
You should take into consideration, before choosing biology research paper topics, that biology is a very broad sphere. There are specific disciplines that are classified according to a living organism that is studied. So, first you will have to decide on the biology research paper topics depending on these disciplines.

  • Botany – discipline about plants
  • Zoology – discipline about animals
  • Microbiology – discipline about microorganisms

What is more, the areas of biology can be divided further according to the methods used for studying, and biology research paper topics can be chosen within these fields: biochemistry, molecular biology, cellular biology, physiology.
Besides, biology research paper topics can be chosen from the four main principles of biology.

  • Cell theory. Here, as you can guess, you may study cells as a basis of all living organism, their development, functions and role for the organism.
  • Evolution. If you are going to choose some biology research paper topics in this field, you will definitely make an outstanding research. You will be investigating the inherited traits of the living organisms that were obtained, the way they were changing in the course of evolution.
  • Gene theory. This is another really interesting sphere, in which you can choose your biology research paper topics. You will have to deal with such terms as DNA, genotype as the means of transferring hereditary information in the living organisms.
  • Homeostasis. If you are going to think about the biology research paper topics connected to this field, you will study the physiological processes in the living organisms that help them support their inner environment in spite of the conditions of external environment.

Thus, remember that you main goal, while choosing a topic, is to decide on a certain field of biology and narrow down your research.

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