Research Paper Analysis

When students are assigned to write research paper analysis, they suddenly get confused, since they do not know what issues of a research paper should be analyzed. That is why we decided to come to the rescue and provide our tips on writing research paper analysis:
Research Paper Analysis: Title Page
When you analyze the title page of a research paper, take into consideration the accuracy of its format and the presence of all necessary components of the title page (header, student’s name, supervisor’s name, name of the academic institution, year, etc.);
Research Paper Analysis: Introductory Paragraph
When making research paper analysis of the introductory paragraph, it is essential to speak about the clarity of the formulated research purposes and the way the author explains the significance of the topic investigation;
Research Paper Analysis: Data Presentation
When analyzing such part as data presentation, it is necessary to consider whether the tables or schemes presenting data have no inaccuracies, whether the form of this data presentation is attractive enough;
Research Paper Analysis: Data Interpretation
Research paper analysis of data interpretation implies the evaluation of the way the author interprets data collected. One of the main requirements for a research paper is that it should present the writer’s reflection and synthesis of information. So, make sure this requirement is satisfied while making your research paper analysis;
Research Paper Analysis: Conclusion
When analyzing what conclusion the author draws, it is necessary to take into consideration what purposes were set in the introductory part of the research paper under analysis. The conclusion should flow from the introduction, answer all questions of this writer’s research and present the results.
Being aware of the issues that should be taken into consideration will help you make an excellent research paper analysis.

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