Chicago Style Research Paper

Do you have to write a Chicago style research paper? Well, it is not very difficult, you just need to follow some basic requirements that you can find in the Chicago Manual of Style. In this article we will also give you some general rules of writing Chicago style research papers.
Here they are:

  • First of all, ask your tutor if he or she has some special requirements for your Chicago style research paper.
  • All margins in a Chicago style research paper should be set at 1 inch on all sides.
  • Use double spaces in the whole text, but it does not refer to block citations. They should be single-spaced. You should use four spaces in your Chicago style research paper for the indented line.
  • Chicago style research paper should have a title page designed as following: name of your university, full name of your paper, your full name, name of the course and date of your paper submission.
  • Paginate your Chicago style research paper starting from the second page. The numbers of pages should be placed in the top right corner.

You should know that your Chicago style research paper should have a special citation format. It implies that citations which appear in the text should be marked with a corresponding sequence number after each citation.
Bibliography information should be placed in a footnote at the end of the page. Pay attention that the title of the used sources is typed in italics. At the end of your Chicago style research paper, you should place the list of the sources used. This list should be arranged in alphabetical order in accordance with the last name of the author.
There are also special requirements for making citations of different types of articles and electronic sources. You can find these requirements in the Chicago Manual of Style.

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