Five Paragraph Term Paper

A magical number – five. Have you ever thought on how often we face this number? Have you ever thought why your term paper should necessarily contain five paragraphs? Is this some magic or just an accident?
Believe it or not, Five paragraph term paper does exist. And the number of paragraphs in the term paper is not random at all- each of them has its own purpose and contents. If you are not sure how to write a five paragraph term paper, you should definitely continue reading this article.
Paragraph number one of five paragraph term paper
Introduction is the first part of your five paragraph term paper, which attracts your reader’s attention, mentions the issue of the paper and the significance of its study. Many students make a mistake by starting their five paragraph term papers with grey and standard sentences. Your teacher is an ordinary person, who is tired of reading similar introductions, so surprise him/her with a bright introduction.
Paragraph number two-five of five paragraph term paper
These three paragraphs will make up a body of your five paragraph term paper. The idea you have presented in the previous part of your five paragraph term paper should be supported with minimum of three examples. So, each example should be a paragraph long – containing at least ten relevant sentences. The hardest part of organizing these three paragraphs of your five paragraph term paper is to build “bridges” between them or to connect them logically.
The last, but not the least paragraph of your five paragraph term papers
The fifth paragraph or conclusion is also a required element of your term paper. So, it is too early to relax if you have not completed it yet. Unlike the previous sections of your five paragraph term paper, your conclusion does not present any new ideas, but it summarizes what has been already said.
Now number 5, as well as five paragraph term paper does not seem so mysterious any more…

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